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Dave Brown

Founding Partner, Professional Sales and Leadership Coach, Certified Trainer, Keynote Speaker

Meet Dave

As a Founding Partner and executive-level Sales and Leadership Coach for Southwestern Consulting, Dave Brown has trained and spoken to hundreds of thousands of sales professionals across the globe. Dave is a “servant salesperson” known for his boundless enthusiasm for sales and for leading his team by example.

As a sought-after keynote speaker and certified trainer, Dave strives to help individuals and organizations reach peak performance in business and in life. More than just a motivational speaker, Dave has a passion for empowering salespeople everywhere with key principles to make selling more emotionally and financially rewarding.

Dave brings a rich history of accolades and accomplishment to his work, having excelled in the trenches of sales, business and life as a true competitor. He is a nine-time Texas state champion in cross-country, swimming, track, and basketball, and a two-time national champion in cross country and basketball. Following a record-breaking season, he was awarded “Athlete of the Year” for the entire state of Texas. At Trinity University in Chicago, Dave was an All-American volleyball player who took his team to their first-ever national championship.

Dave began his sales career with the Southwestern Advantage college program, finishing first out of 4,000 salespeople year after year. He knocked on more than 50,000 cold doors by the time he was twenty-five. Dave continues to hold the record for the most customers ever sold by an individual in a selling season for Southwestern Advantage, out of more than 250,000 salespeople who have worked in the program.

Since then he has made over 200,000 cold calls into companies worldwide—a number that grows daily. His infectious excitement for helping people achieve their goals in life continuously encourages his team members to embrace their roles with passion, blow through their belief barriers, and achieve unprecedented success.

In addition to being a consistent top producer in personal sales, Dave co-leads the highest producing organization within Southwestern Coaching. He also serves as Vice President of Recruiting for Southwestern Coaching, leading efforts to bring in new certified sales and leadership coaches and playing an integral role in the continued growth of the company.

Dave is a guest lecturer at Vanderbilt University and has had articles published in Speaker Magazine, Sold Magazine, and on several nationally recognized blogs. Through his audiobook Painless Prospecting, the inspiring video series 42 Days of Prospecting Power, and his new book Servant Selling, Dave helps even more people learn how to get over themselves and genuinely serve their team members and customers.

Dave has lived in at least 15 different states while building his company’s brand. He now permanently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife Emmie, two sons, Dawson and Dylan, and daughter, Cadence.

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