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What is the cost of Macon Startup Week?

Macon Startup Week is 100% free, whether you stay for one session or for the whole day. Not only will you receive great content, you’ll also enjoy coffee, snacks, lunch, and swag! You can’t beat that!

Is this the first year?

Startup Weekend was founded by Techstars in 2007 and Startup Week was founded in 2010. Macon introduced Startup Week in 2017.

Do I have to attend every event, or can I just come to 1 event?

Great question! We work hard to ensure the content for each session is applicable to everyone, regardless of the stage your business is in. We hope you’ll enjoy as many sessions as your schedule will allow, but you are welcome to come to whichever sessions you’d like. We just ask that you register to help us plan for attendance.

What is Hopin?

Hopin is the virtual platform that will host Macon Startup Week 2021. It is similar to Zoom, but offers more of a community feel.

How do I attend Macon Startup Week 2021

This year will be hybrid. More details to come.

Can I access Hopin via my phone?

Hopin’s web app is now available on mobile devices for attendees! While still in beta, attendees can attend Macon Startup week from their phones and tablets with limited functionality. They can view the Stage, view Sessions, view Expo, chat, and use the Networking features. If this meets your needs then you can try to access via your mobile phone. Note that you cannot participate in Sessions or the Expo, on-camera but simply view them.

How do I interact with speakers on the Stage or in a Session?

Please type in your questions in the Stage or Session Chat. We hope that all speakers will have time to address all chat questions and we will have tech moderators handling chat questions as they come in.

How does Chat, Polls, and People work?

In all sections of the Hopin platform there are three tabs on your right-hand side. The Chat tab allows you to send messages visible to all participants of the event. In the sessions and booths, you can switch to the chat visible only in the Session or Booth you are participating in. The Chat tab is also where you will see important messages from the organizers popping up. The Polls tab is where we will be asking you for your feedback during the event using live polls. The People tab lists all participants that have joined the event. You can send a direct message to any participant by clicking on their name.

What is Hopin Networking? What happens when I click the Ready button?

When an attendee clicks the Ready button they are immediately matched with a random fellow attendee via face-to-face video, similar to chat. Meetings end automatically after 3 minutes unless you choose to speak longer by hitting the extend button. Attendees can leave at any time. Conversation partners may decide to share contact information by clicking the Connect button. If both parties click Connect, the pair can find each other’s contact information (email address and social media) via the Connect section of their Hopin account.