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2021 | Sessions

(In order of Conference Schedule)

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2020 | Week Sessions

(In order of Conference Schedule)

Are You An Entrepreneur?

by Rob Betzel

How Covid Changed Consumer Behavior & How You Should Pivot

by Nick Rios

Business Plan Overview

by Jessica White

Business Mantra

by John David "JD" Miller

Score: Small Business Seminar Building a Business Plan

by Matt McKenna and Andrew Eck

Get Your House in Order Before Getting Your Business in Order

by Bethany Rogers, PhD.

E^2= Equity & Entrepreneurship Sponsored by The Greater Macon Chamber

Moderated by Dr. Ansley Booker

2020 | Main Session

(In order of Conference Schedule)

Greater Macon Chamber Townhall: Fireside Chat with David Cummings

Moderated by Rob Betzel

Getting the Word Out: Using Social Media Effectively | Part 1

by Robert Grant

Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs | Google Search Digital Coach

by Justin Dawkins

Getting the Word Out: Using Social Media Effectively | Part 2

by Robert Grant

Keynote | Eric Thomas, PhD.

Moderated by Christele N. Parham

Breakout Sessions

(In order of Conference Schedule)

Breakout Session: Macon Headspace - Mental Health Panel

Moderated by Nancy Cleveland

Request Access to the Breakout Session: Common Issues in Trademark Applications

by Dr. Dana Dickson

*** Previous Event Attendees Only ***

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Breakout Session: Researching Your Business Plan

by Peter A. Williams

Breakout Session: Does Your Business Need an App?

by Terry C. Armstrong

2020 | Main Session 

(Continued. In order of Conference Schedule)

Entrepreneurship in the Face of Change | Panel

Moderated by Andrew Eck

Pitch it Like You Mean It |

by Stephanie Howard

View Daymond John Fireside Chat with Christopher Rice

*** Previous Event Attendees Only ***

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